Scienta Scientific Announces New Leadership

2024-03-19, Uppsala

In a strategic move to strengthen its leadership, Scienta Scientific Group, a leading provider in surface science and radiation detection systems, is pleased to announce the appointment of Susanna Eriksson as Managing Director of Scienta Omicron, bringing a wealth of experience and strategic vision to further advance the company's position in the market. Dr. Susanna Eriksson, with a master’s degree in chemical engineering and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Uppsala University, has been a driving force within Scienta since 2016, holding various management positions. Tobias Persson will continue in his role as Managing Director for Scienta Envinet, providing continuity and expertise in the environmental solutions sector. Tobias has been with the group since 2017 in both business areas. As part of these changes Susanna has also been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Scienta Scientific.

Adding to the executive team, Thomas Liesen is appointed as Scienta Scientific new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With his extensive financial background, Thomas Liesen will play a crucial role in driving fiscal efficiency and supporting the companies' growth initiatives.

"I am truly honored to take on the role of Managing Director for Scienta Omicron and CEO at Scienta Scientific. I'm excited to work alongside Tobias Persson and Thomas Liesen, forming a dynamic leadership team dedicated to advancing scientific instrumentation and environmental technologies. Together, we aim to uphold our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and shaping the future of our industry." Dr Susanna Eriksson states.

Together, Susanna Eriksson, Tobias Persson and Thomas Liesen are forming a strong leadership team - ready to bring the company to new levels of excellence.

Read the Full press Release Here: Download PDF